QueryBuilder is an UI component to create queries and filters. It can be used on advanced search engine pages, administration backends, etc. It is highly customizable and is pluggable to many jQuery widgets like autocompleters, sliders and datepickers.

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    Mask mostly the same as format, the difference that at some moment when you enter symbols replace operation used instead of insert for example when field value reached maximum length. Use replace to inform field to use replace operation.

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    maxValue(max, message) to specify a maximum value for integers, minLength(min, message) to specify a minimum length for strings, maxLength(max, message) to specify a maximum length for strings, number to check that the input is a valid number, email to check that the input is a valid email address, Settings.Constants.UI.AWT#LOG_LENGTH. ... (int length) Builds a new TextArea. Writer Parameters: length - the maximum length of log material to be recalled. Method ...

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