speakers in parallel because that would result in a 2Ω load which is too low for the amplifier. If, however, you wire 2 pairs of speakers in series (so each pair would have an impedance of 16Ω) and then wired those two series pairs in parallel, the resulting speaker load would be 8Ω and that would be a perfect match for the 8Ω output of the ... Nov 13, 2018 · Pin 4 and 6: These are the power supply Pins of IC, Pin 6 for is +Vcc and Pin 4 is Ground. The circuit can be powered with voltage between 5-12v. Pin 5: This is the output PIN, from which we get the amplified sound signal. It is connected to the speaker though a capacitor C2 to filter DC coupled noise. Pin 7: This is the bypass terminal. It can ...

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    Mar 13, 2015 · DrewNuts wrote:correction. turns out i dont have high level inputs so i need to use a line out. same question though. do i tap into the bose amp or the front speaker wires behind the head unit. ive read that people that tap into the bose amp only hear the low notes not the high as if the sub doesnt even work, and if you tap into the speaker wires you hear the music through the sub.

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    AMP: Sound Ordnance M75-4, 4 channel, 75 RMS X 4 POWERED SUB: Sound Ordnance B-8PTD 125 W FRONT SPEAKERS: Polk Audio DB522 5.25" 2 way ROLL BAR SPEAKERS: Polk Audio DB652 6.50" 2 way EFX 9 wire speaker wire — 12 foot Crutchfield 4 channel, 12 foot RCA cable Crutchfield, 12 foot RCA cable Posi-Products connectors — 16 pack

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