I do not know if this problem exists with other situations as well or not, but here is how I have encountered it. My website's default language is Farsi and I have added English with WPML to it. The problem is that when I load my English links , the basic is_rtl() method still returns true, as if it was not set correctly for English ! "I have been having similar problems pasting ChemDraw into powerpoint - the image on the slide is incomplete, as if the copy frame is misaligned, leading to the molecule only partially shown on the slide - does anyone have a solution to this?" I have the same problem with ChemDraw 16 and Word 2012!

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    It is most likely due a network or server problem: - The Server is down - Problem communicating with the server - Try pinging the server and the client from the server. - Wrong port being used - Make sure the port is valid and not in use by another application.

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